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Our Work

Since 2014, Intelligence Qatar have had the privilege to collaborate with a diverse range of clients and industries – from Government Ministries to private companies to budding entrepreneurs to non-profit organizations – delving into fascinating research projects that have provided invaluable insights.

From exploring consumer behavior in banking and finance, automotive, and telecommunications industries to conducting market trend analyses for luxury retailers, IQ’s experience has been as varied as it has been enriching. With each project, IQ is committed to help our clients thrive in the ever-evolving diverse market landscape of Qatar.

Let us take you through IQ’s research project experience, showcasing both the breadth and depth of our research expertise in delivering meaningful insights to our clients.

Positioning Qatar as an international hub for Research, Development and Innovation

Working with Qatar Foundation, our team conducted an impact assessment of RDI in Qatar, including key stakeholder stakeholder engagement, focus groups with the general public, quantitative surveys with local and regional entrepreneurs & innovators and a community engagement survey. The study included a Brand Audit Baseline Study to evaluate the effectiveness of RDI communications campaign.

Working closely with Qatar's Public Healthcare Teams

Intelligence Qatar has conducted thousands of interviews for Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health and Hamad Medical Corporation, working on both ad-hoc and continuous studies each year since our inception in 2014. The insights we have provided in areas such as Mental Health, Diabetes, Food Safety, Public Health and Patient-Centred Care have helped to shape policy and drive public health strategy in Qatar. 

The largest community engagement consultation in the North of Qatar

Working with the Ras Laffan Community Outreach Program Intelligence Qatar has twice conducted an extensive, multi-stage research project involving qualitative and quantitative research across five stakeholder segments.

Research consisted of surveys with community members living and working in the North of Qatar; surveys with migrant workers in Al Khor City; in-depth interviews with key external stakeholders; focus group discussions with community members in the North; in-depth interviews with internal stakeholders including the Management Committee Representatives of RLIC COP; and a migrant worker count in Al Khor City over a select period of time.

Tracking Entrepreneurship in Qatar 2016-2021

Alongside Qatar Development Bank, Intelligence Qatar has conducted the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor to measure the level of entrepreneurship amongst Qatar’s residents, tracking against a global benchmark. This study involves 3000+ surveys with the general public each year, along with over 50 interviews with thought-leaders and experts in Qatar’s entrepreneurship space. We have also conducted studies on female entrepreneurship and home-based businesses in Qatar. Widely considered as local experts, members of our team were keynote speakers at the QNRF seminar on entrepreneurship in 2020. 

Brand Audit and Market Mapping for a new high-end luxury retailer in Qatar

How can a new luxury retailer provide differentiation in a saturated market? Printemps Paris asked Intelligence Qatar this very question and we  answered it. By collecting data and evidence from competitors and luxury clients in a qualitative, quantitative and secondary research study, we helped our client understand their target audience and form their strategy and communications plan with confidence, ready for a successful launch in the Doha Oasis Centre.

Understanding Business and Consumer Satisfaction with Telecoms Network Providers in Qatar

How do both business customers and general public consumers experience the duopoly of Qatar’s telecommunications landscape? Intelligence Qatar has conducted several studies for the Communications Regulatory Authority in order to answer this question, by conducting over 4,000 surveys with the general public, as well as focus groups and secondary research to gauge satisfaction and provide a benchmark compared to the rest of the world. 




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