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IQ team


Our Awesome Team

Intelligence Qatar is a team of experienced market researchers.

We have over 80 years of combined research experience. As a highly skilled team, we bring extensive expertise in analyzing market trends and consumer behavior. Our goal is to provide valuable insights and help drive informed decision-making for our clients. We understand the importance of thorough research, accurate data analysis, and staying ahead of the curve to meet the ever-changing demands of the market.

Let’s work together to deliver exceptional results and make a significant impact in the field of market research!

Gayle De Roma

Gayle De Roma

Research Director - ESOMAR Member

Gayle is a veteran market researcher with over 20 years of research and consulting experience, servicing clients across Asia and the Middle East.  Fully qualified in performing both qualitative and quantitative analyses and can execute large multi-country research projects.

She has been working with government, semi-government and private companies in various industries including CPG, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, automotive, retail shopping and media.

Gayle has over 20 years’ experience in studies related to needs modeling and insighting frameworks for various multinational companies focusing on values, attitudes and behavior.

Johanna Handley

Johanna Handley

Research Director

Johanna is a Research Director overseeing quality and management of all Intelligence Qatar clients and projects. She works closely with Qatar Development Bank on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, ensuring the overall project plan and completion of the National Expert Survey.

Johanna has a wealth of Entrepreneurship experience, having led projects for Qatar Foundation and Qatar Careers Center on the subject. She was recently the keynote speaker at the Research Outcomes Seminar held by the Qatar National Research Fund in 2020.

Ines Bezrati

Ines Bezrati

Research Manager

Ines is research manager with extensive experience in sampling design, data analysis and fieldwork supervision.

Ines has worked on a variety of research projects in a wide range of industries. Ines has conducted customer satisfaction surveys and brand equity tracking in the banking, telecommunications and automotive sectors. Ines has conducted quantitative and qualitative research for clients such as Société Générale, Attijari Bank, Tunisian-Kuwaiti Bank, Alazeera, Tunisian Post, Hyundai, World Bank Group and Tunisia Telecom.

Sherouk Bedir

Sherouk Bedir

Senior Research Executive

Sherouk is experienced in managing fieldwork and ensuring the highest quality of data collection methods. She has been responsible for ensuring the collection of reliable, unbiased data for leading clients including the Qatar Development Bank (QDB), Qatar Shell, The World Bank, Supreme Committee and Qatar Foundation.

Sherouk ensures Intelligence Qatar’s processes and procedures are followed according to the organizations quality assurance guidelines and policies.


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